synopsis media suela

There are different kinds of shoes: small, big, black, brave, in love, optimist, supportive, of tales,…. They are not the same. Each shoe has its smell, its music… its story.

Aquiles Petruchelli, who is a cobbler, and knows about this, is determined to share what he knows with you. So, if you come near his workshop, you will see that he not only repairs shoes, but also tells stories. From his workshop “The happiness of your feet”, Aquiles tells us about the way he sees life and leaves us with “half a sole” and a new smile.

Historias de media suela (Stories of Half Sole) is a show of objects and acting where minor stories and a version of Little Red Riding Hood take place. These stories are performed by shoes.

Aquiles Petruchelli says: “You know the stories from above, from the characters, … I know the stories from below, from their shoes”, then he shows us shoes that are in love, that dance tango, car boots, rescue sandals, flippers, clodhoppers, …

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