From the beginning of his career, Fernán  Cardama has been interested in the development of festivals and cultural activities.

Some of these activities are:

SESI Bonecos do Mundo, International Puppet Festival. Brasil

Fernan Cardama conducts co-artistic direction of the International Puppet Festival in Brazil: SESI Bonecos DO MUNDO since 2011 (http://www.sesibonecos.com.br)
Since 2004, the festival SESI Bonecos do Mundo proposes opening increasing Puppet theater spaces. Free from the conditioning of small rooms, puppets from 145 countries have already passed through the 27 capitals of Brazil, being applauded by 2 million people.
The festival consists of unreleased performances, exhibitions of puppets, interactive art director, and a photo box. The audience meets puppetry an unprecedented way.

The International Festival of Titerías shows what this and put this:

Fernan Cardama was the international advisor to the International Puppet Festival, Titerías - Mexico DF - since 2007 until its last edition in 2012.
Titerías is the International Puppet Festival in Mexico City. Meets most current Mexican scenarios and highlights of international, art puppet. Includes an artistic and academic program where workshops, round tables and conferences is.

International Meeting Of Puppets For Adults “ TITEREAL”

Fernán Cardama was the creator and director of the International Adult Puppet Meeting of Alcala la Real, TITEREAL, since its inception in 1998 until its last edition in 2010.
Titereal was the first International Adult Puppet Festival in Spain. On an annual basis, has taken place in Alcalá la Real (Jaén) from 1998 until its last edition in 2010.
Companies from different countries working in the Paseo de los Alamos for free outdoors for all ages and in the Theater  Martínez Montañez.
Puppeteers relate the performance with puppetry and object theater.
For this festival it's been  the best puppet companies in the world, including: Giocco Vita from Italy, Teatro Tenj of Russia, Viktor Antonov of Russia; Horacio Peralta from Argentina, Hugo and Ines from Peru - Bosnia, Philippe Huber from United Estates USA,  The Forman Brothers, Czech Republic, etc..

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