synopsis la vuelta

La vuelta al mundo en 80 días (Around the World in 80 Days) is one of the most important classics of the literature for children. Is it possible to tell this story in 43 minutes and 55 seconds?

Passpartout – Phileas Fogg’s butler- has a collection of antique toys to tell the story. He only has that time, not a minute longer, to tell us about the adventure they have just lived, (shhh…. before his boss wakes up from a nap). Will he be able to do it?

By the hand of a single actor we present this version of Jules Verne’s novel where human relationships such as friendship, love and racial integration are revalued.

Jules Verne - by means of his imagination and visionary nature - has given expression to a captivating world that has caught many generations of young readers. Today, we are trying to bring new generations of children and young people closer to one of the most significant novels that has captivated their parents.

The techniques used are the acting and the handling of objects dealt with the aesthetics of the antique toys.

The play develops through Passpartout's narration (one of the main characters in the story). It is a show where the actor and the audience are in constant interaction.

The challenge is to be able to tell the story in forty-three minutes and fifty-five seconds (not more, not less) of how it was possible to turn round the world in 80 days (not a minute longer, not one less than that).

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