synopsis el cartero

A postman that goes from town to town telling stories suddenly appears with his suitcase. In it is a beautiful story about the life of Don Carmelo, an old little man who lives very calmly in a town of the interior of Uruguay. From some false rumors, the story and Don Carmelo's life start to get complicated.
So then, dogs, thieves, gossipy neighbours....and love....appear.

Based on the short story Sucedidos 2 (Happened 2) by Eduardo Galeano:

This happening happened, it is said to be said, in a town, and it is said to be said that there was a treasure there, hidden in the house of a shabby old little man. Once a month, the old little man that was at death's door, got up from bed and went to collect his pension. Taking advantage of his not being at home, some thieves, who came from Montevideo, broke into his house. The thieves looked everywhere for the treasure, in every corner of the house. The only thing they found was a wooden trunk, covered by blankets, in a corner of the cellar. The terrible padlock that defended the trunk resisted –undefeated- the attacks of the picklocks. So then, the thieves decided to take the trunk away. And once they succeeded in opening it, already far from the house, they found out that the trunk was full of letters. They were the love letters that the old little man had received all along his long life. The thieves were going to burn the letters. They discussed about this. Finally, they decided to give them back but one at a time, one per week. From then on, every Monday noon, the old little man sat down high up on the hill waiting for the postman to appear on the road, and the postman, who knew about this, gave him the letter in hand. Even Saint Peter heard the beating of that heart that was full of joy to receive some woman's words. (Eduardo Galeano)

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