Inspired by the story by Mercedes Perez Sabbi

Julio Petruchelli, the neighborhood who guards the square, says: "The flood brought many bad things, but also some goods. Flooding day I won a friend; I met Blas.”

Blas pushes a cart to collect cartons, with him goes Chispa (spark) his faithful friend. Blas and Chispa are street, they have hard hair and brown eyes, like cardboard!

Julio Petruccelli, tell us  how was the unforgettable day when he met Blas.

“Stars Soup” is a show of objects, puppets and performance approaching the lives of working children. It tells the story of Blas, working child, invisible, the day of flooding of his city. Blas's world is made of cardboard and waste that he gathers to can live; but is also made of imagination, play, friendship and solidarity of the people who always saves us.


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