educational aspect four winds

Pre-work activity:

In a time before the work it’s possible to work the aesthetic and conceptual aspects of the performance.
In reference to the aesthetic aspectos, Four Wings is a work told with fishing elements and is a mixture between the theater of puppet and objects. It would be interesting if the teachers of the childrens who will assist to the show could anticipate this aspect to can work about them when the show ends.

About of attitudinal content, the focus of our work is the struggle of a fish, Four Wings, to can fly, for can do something differen than that for which it is intended. We talk about how overcome the obstacles, how to coexist with the situation of to be different and which is the place of friendship and love in the road to be a oneself.
To talk about these issues before the work, the particular desires and how to catch them, how to live with differences, then it would be interesting for, after the show, to discuss how did the protagonist solved.

Post-show activity:

As for the aesthetic aspect, a continuing interest of our company is to stimulate the imagination of children approaching to them an aesthetic proposal of work with objects offering creative and playful places areas beyond the current technological offerOur idea is to bring to the childrens assistant some everyday objects, telling them the central idea of the theater of objects, enabling that they can propose which personage that these everyday objects suggest them. Also we will show the objects that we have used in the work and the transformation they have had.

In terms of attitudinal aspects, we focus on the issues that will:

Who is the protagonist? Which is its vital conflict? Can he solve it? How? What is its greatest wish?
Other characters are present in the work? What is the relationship with the protagonist?
Who is Picos? And Couscous? What is the value of friendship? Are Picos y Cuatro Alas differents?
Which is the role of hake? And the jellyfish role? What happens to these characters with the different desires of the others personages?
How important is the desire to fly for four wings? Who helps him to fight for it?

From there we propose to move these questions everyday:

What things or activities they like to do? Do you have friends and family that help you with that? Do they enjoy the things that they do?
What do you think about the importance of fighting for what you want?. How to deal with adversity? The role of f riendship. The coexistence of different.
These are just some starting points. We believe that after each function there are always particular elements and, the different audiences will talk about different details.





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