The show "Star Soup" is a show that is suitable for working with children various aspects.

You can work stimulating the imagination of children an aesthetic proposal working with objects as a way of offering playful and creative spaces beyond that the current technological offer.

We try in this "techno" time to revalue the imagination and creativity based on the idea that it is possible and enriching play with that available things that we can have every day and yis not necesary to be "tech " for fun.

In this case we take the work done in the performance “Stars Soup” . It works with tombstones, cardboard, cartons, bags of waste.

It is a show that combines the performance and handling objects.

It is possible for teachers to work creativity taking as a starting point an object discard (old toys, boxes, cartons, bags) and encourage children to work with imagination creating games with these chosen objects.

Moreover you can work with children two central aspects of the performance:

- The situation faced by child laborers. The reality in which they live.
- How, even in painful situations, such as a flood (worked on the show), good things can be rescued. The man who tell us the story of Blas (a worker child), tells us that "the flood brought many bad things and some good. Flood day I won a friend. I met Blas ".



Teachers can take for example the following activity can be initiated in two parts:

1) The activity begins with a conversation with the students about  the characteristics of the objects and characters that have resulted in the work will be.

Then there will be a discussion about the work itself and the creative use of objects in general:
• What characters appear in the play? What personal characteristics? How is their living situation? What has happened to them in the history and what is shown elected?
• What objects embody those characters?
• Why did you choose a  particular object (bag) for a particular character?
• Why use objects to represent characters?
• What objects can you think that can be good characters in a play and why?

2) It works with objects provided by children.

a- The objects are described and their characteristics are studied.
b- the potential to become a character will be explored. Ex .: a corkscrew can be a dancer.
c- Based on these possibilities those two characters will be assigned a certain personality or character that is reflected in its characteristics will be created.
d- The activity will end with the creation of a small scene between the two characters-objects that the  children created. It can work different life situations that require face a challenge or difficult situation.

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