cast and technical data la vuelta al mundo



Artist: Fernán Cardama
Set design: Ricardo Vergne
Graphic design: Federico Barquero Mesa
Lighting Design: David Romero Serrano
Video: The Seduction Productions
Photos: PPH
Director: Claudio Hochman
General advice: Reynal Luciana Machado
Management and distribution: Reynal Luciana Machado
Creation and Production: Fernan Cardama

Technical data:

Age audience: from 6 years and family audiences.
Techniques used: Performance, handling puppets, objects and toys.
Duration: 42 minutes aprox.
Space: Theatres with an adaptation to unconventional spaces
Minimum dimensions: 3.50 x 3.50 meters.
Sound:  Console with two outputs for micro and CD.
Power: according to the place.
Lights: 9 PC ( to make  a general ligth) and 4 cuts ( to make specific lith) – idal condictions-.
Light table:  to record scenes in submasters, or at least have two prepared scenes

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