Original story: Mercedes Pérez Sabbi
Adaptation: Carlos Piñero - Fernan Cardama
Artist: Fernan Cardama
Director: Carlos Piñero
Idea and production: Fernan Cardama- Luciana Reynal Machado
Set Desing: Pablo Lavezzari
Lighting of the scenography: Juan Pieroni
Objet Design: Pablo Lavezzari
Music Creation: Gastón Garrido
Musical Edition: Ruben "skinny" Kavanagh
Photographs: Ramiro Peri
Graphic design: Federico Barquero Mesa
Management and distribution: Reynal Luciana Machado

Technical data:

Public: from 6 years and family audience
Techniques used: Performance and object manipulation.
Duration: 40 minutes approximately
Area theaters with an adaptation for unconventional spaces.
Minimum dimensions: 5 m. wide x 4 mt. depth
Sound: Console with two outputs for micro and CD. Power by site
Lights: 9 pcs and 3 cuts



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