cast and technical data el cartero



Artist: Fernan Cardama
Director: Claudio Hochman
Original Music: Eduardo Allende
Set Design: Pablo Lavezzari
Handling Advice: Carlos Piñero.
Design: Federico Barquero Mesa
Assistant Director: Micaela Iglesias
Video: The Seduction Productions
Photos: PPH
Idea And Production: Fernan Cardama
Management and distribution: Luciana Reynal Machado

Technical data:

Public: from 5 years and family audience
Techniques used: action, mechanism, and puppets flat figures direct manipulation.
Duration: 40 minutes approximately
Area: theaters with an adaptation to unconventional spaces.
Audience: Maximum 200 spectators.
Minimum size: 3m x 3m
Sound: console with two out for micro and cd.
Lights: 8 PC (to make a general ligth) and 3 cuts or similar (to make and especific ligth). Power 1000 wats. Programmable light table (for preparing submasters).


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