cast and technical data the gift



Artist: Fernán Cardama
Director: Claudio Hochman
Set Design: Paul Lavezzari
Music: Tomas Baudelaire
Graphic design: Federico Barquero Mesa
Lighting design: Claudio Hochman
Photos: PPH
Video: Seduction Productions
Production Assistant: Reynal Luciana Machado
Direction Assistant: Reynal Luciana Machado
Management and distribution: Reynal Luciana Machado
Idea and production: Fernán Cardama

TEchnical data:

Public: Childrens form 7 years and family audiences
Techniques used: Performance and handling of plane mechanisms
Duration: 40 minutes aprox.
Space: Theatre with an adaptation for unconventional spaces
Minimum Dimensions: 4 x 4 meters
Sound: Console with two outputs for micro and CD. Power: by site
Lights: 18 PC ( to make a general ligth ) and 3 cuts (to make an specific ligth)

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